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Behavior Modification Steps, Traps and PBJAM - II

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

#TLDR: Without #PBJAM, there are 6 #traps that derail #behavior #strengthening

In the first part, we discussed the steps for behavior modification as #PBJAM view. In this part, I want to talk about traps in the path of behavior modification.

One of the first traps is that of Reluctance! Though one is aware of the need to modify a behavior, reluctance can set in for various reasons (in my cases, many times it is plainly because of my laziness, but at other times it is also out of my insecurity to step into unfamiliar territory). Irrespective of the reasons, Reluctance can be a big trap as it holds you back before you even start!

Once we cross the reluctance and have an innate desire to modify a behavior, the next trap sneaks up on you ... Lack of Structure! It is easy to have initial enthusiasm and go all in for behavior modification (there have been times where I have even made hourly, (yes hourly!) check-list to help me tracking the behavior. Lack of a good structure that is not too demanding, but holds one accountable and motivated, can lead to the trap of losing steam after first few weeks! Yes, those gym memberships where one visits the gym in January and slowly falls off? That's because of our second trap... losing steam!

Once we have a good structure to follow, the mental and physical actions start to take place. You track your behavior and follow any actions that you have come up with. Now, you are curious to find out the results! And if they are tangible, even better!! But, if you do not have visibility of your progress (or lack thereof), then our third trap gets you.. lack of visibility! This can be quite a bummer as it has the power to stop your behavior modification journey in it's tracks.

Has it ever happened to you that you decide on a good behavior, follow through on it, get visible results and then relapse back? Yes, this is our trap number four! Nothing takes air out of one's determination like relapse!

Now, once you have avoided all of the first five traps, you are in the elite company of those who have successfully mastered a behavior change! So, naturally you are looking at new challenges. This can be a tricky phase (especially, after you have modified many a behavior successfully) and this is where our sixth trap lurks! Stagnation!! You look at all you have achieved so far and say, eh... I am done! No more improvements for me...

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