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Prasad V Saraph

PB JAM Story

Venture born out of a passion for people and academic rigor

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The idea of PB JAM took shape over the afternoon coffee chats of Prasad and Seemantini over 2017-2019. Both had seen and experienced how difficult it is to help people grow in their professions and also the negative impact of inadequate professional development in terms of employee turnover and low engagement. 


With PB JAM, their goal is to help companies engage, retain, and grow human capital, the most precious resource. They thought about PB JAM as a peer-based behavior-strengthening platform backed by the rigor of science and deep real-life experiences.


The high individualization capabilities, dynamic content, and ease of sustainability make PB JAM a different and highly effective solution in the professional development space.

Prasad and Seemantini along with a highly experienced team of global facilitators bring their rich experiences, expertise, and passion for people to PB JAM. 


Prasad has spent 25+ years in Pharmaceuticals and Consulting across Asia, North America, and Europe. Seemantini is an active and avid academic in business management for 20+ years with interests in organizational behavior and corporate strategy.

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