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PB-JAM is structured around key professional aspects and concerns of today's workplace. We call them PB JAM Facets.  Our research indicates that when we look at ourselves through our personal level of satisfaction for these facets, we tend to identify specific behaviors to work on. Improving these micro behaviors leads to a tangible strengthening of the professional capabilities necessary for success in the modern workplace. 

Our free assessment can help you narrow your focus to the PB JAM facets that might be of interest to you given your current work and life environment.  Our assessment is based on your first impressions after reading the statements, so don't overthink... usually, the first choice that comes to your mind is the one we are looking for.  There are no wrong choices.

The assessment is split into two parts.  In the first part, we ask for your current level of satisfaction with each PB JAM Facet on a scale of 1-10.  This is followed by the second part that consists of 60 statements.  For each statement, select one of the four options based on how much the statement resonates with how you feel and behave.  

So, what are you waiting for? Put on some nice music, find a cozy spot to sit comfortably for 15-20 minutes, and start by clicking the Rubik's Cube image below! 

Psst: Our free assessment is just that! Completely free... we don't even require your name or email address (but are happy, if you let us know who you are)!  How cool is that?

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