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The happy and engaged PB JAM partners

Join us!

We are looking for like-minded trailblazers who have a passion for people and a desire to democratize professional development for the masses.


Check our open positions!

Critical Friend to Facilitators (CFF)

Help PB JAM facilitators deliver on PB JAM value proposition, Engage them for growth, Help them thrive. Flexible hours, Great pay!


Design Assessments, Questionnaires & Exercises. Build Effectiveness Checks, Bias Checks. Flexible hours, great pay!

Customer Success Rep (CSR)

Engage with PB JAM customers and participants to help deliver on the PB JAM value proposition, Flexible hours, Great pay!


Group Facilitators, Good Listeners, Good Shepherds, Able to share relevant experiences. Flexible hours, Great pay!

Are you thinking of a role that you don't see here but feel you are the right fit for?  Get in touch with us and let's talk!

What to expect from our hiring process?

  1. First Contact: We come across our partners across many different channels and occasions. If you liked what you heard, read, saw or experienced and if you want to be part of this game changing movement, then we want to talk to you! You will get a scheduling link to your email address to find a time/date suitable to you. You can also find the link in the respective job posts.

  2. Your preparation: We believe in hiring for the shared values that are important to us.  So, we do recommend prospective applicants to read and reflect on our core values.  Read about us and how PB JAM started.  Browsing our blogs would also help.  Think about how you want to contribute to PB JAM and what you will get by working with us.

  3. Interview: We keep it simple and believe in a single interview to determine mutual fit.  The interview is open ended where we want to get to know you and what is driving you.  It is also an opportunity for us to tell you about what PB JAM is about.

  4. Post-interview: We will typically get back to you within five business days, barring any unforeseen delays.  We will contact you in either case, when we find a match and even when we don't find a match in you. We will also try to provide you with the reasons why we don't see a match.

  5. The offer: You will receive an email with a PDF document outlining the offer along with compensation details as well as any documentation needed.  The offer letter will also include a starting date and initial orientation guidelines.  You will have five business days to respond.

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