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Honest and Direct Feedback for your colleague participating in a PB JAM group

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Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!  Your feedback is valuable and critical for helping me with tangible, visible progress. 


Please review the behavior and its explanation below (in white background boxes).  Please enter your feedback as brief textual comments in the light blue boxes, namely, Clarifying Questions, Improvement Opportunities and Applause.  Finally, please rate me on the behavior from your perspective at this time point using the slider.  Once done, click the "Save your feedback" button.


There are two distinct time points when your input is sought.  The initial time point is when I have chosen this particular behavior and am establishing the 'as-is' satisfaction level.  The final time point is when I am in week 10 of PB JAM's 12-week program. Please mark the time point as "Initial" or "Final" using radio buttons.

​At PB JAM, we strongly believe that higher satisfaction levels with behavior are directly correlated to stronger performance in that behavior.  The peer group at PB JAM and the facilitator are working actively with me to help make positive changes.  Your perspective is an outside evaluation that is very valuable for me. 


Once again, thank you for your time and thoughtful feedback!

With warm regards,

Select whether this is the first time you are rating this behavior (Initial) or second time (Final)

Rating: On a scale of 1-10 (1 being least competent and 10 being most competent), please rate me on the chosen behavior.  I understand that this is a line in the sand, but setting it helps me in my PB JAM journey.  Please be critical and genuine in this rating to drive me towards a better me!

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