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  1. What does PB-JAM do?

    • Individualized, visible, verifiable, and sustainable professional development

    • Nurture meaningful, curated professional networks that are built around you

    • Provide an evolving, science-driven platform for peer-based behavior strengthening relevant for professional progress and growth

    • Support and participate in valuable research in management sciences

  2. How does PB JAM work?
    PB JAM is a subscription-based platform community of like-minded people who want to improve their professional capabilities. These capabilities set you apart from your colleagues and honed correctly, can make you significantly more valuable at work. While crucial, work behaviors that contribute to strong capabilities are not generally taught in universities or professional courses. Our science-based tools and insights, and feedback from your stakeholders and PB JAM platform peers, allow you to reflect on your behaviors and the changes that you are consciously trying to make.  Over time, the ongoing interactions will help you achieve sustainable changes to professional behaviors, creating visible changes in your work life and improving your satisfaction.


  3. How do I get matched with a peer group?
    Your peer group recommendations are based on the profile that you fill out and edit over time as well as the self-assessment.  The matching algorithm takes into consideration your environment (years of experience, professional field, geography) and your personal makeup (your goals and capabilities).  There is no such thing as a perfect match, and the imperfections help you adapt (a critical workplace skill!)


  4. How large are the peer groups? How stable are they?
    The typical peer group size recommended is 3.  Our groups are reasonably stable as we ask each peer to commit for periods of 12 weeks at a time (per group).


  5. I’ve never coached anyone. How do I know what to advise people in my group?
    PB JAM is not Peer Coaching and we do not expect you to have any special coaching skills.  Our session structures based on modern management science help you provide and receive actionable feedback.  Over time, PB JAM platform's tools, insights, and interactions will help you become effective in listening to, understanding, and advising your two peers - a skillset critical in your work life.

  6. What do I do about confidential information?
    Dealing with confidential information is part and parcel of our professional life.  Do follow the same guidelines that you use while going to trade shows, conferences, or while meeting new suppliers, consultants or customers.  If in doubt, ask your work supervisor or HR. For example, it may be okay to say that you are under pressure to hit sales target for this quarter, but not okay to provide specific information about your work (e.g. it is not OK to say your company aims to sell 100 Mio USD of product X, and so far you have hit only 70 Mio USD).


  7. Can I choose my own peer group?
    PB JAM's default practice is to recommend peers for you based on your profile, but nothing prevents you from forming your own peer group either.  We are here to help you!
    Reach out to us with your requests!


  8. How often should my peer group meet?
    It takes time to change behaviors. We ask first-timers to commit to 12 consecutive weekly sessions of 90 minutes each (the 3 group members along with their assigned facilitator decide on a mutually convenient time and day of the week for meetings). Once you have done five or more 12-week cycles, you can set your own frequency and times for meetings - though we still recommend at least weekly dialogue.  Your group chat is always open, so feel free to put in your thoughts, feedback there as frequently as you want.  These notes will help the group to be prepared for dialogue and also reduce the time needed to bring everyone "up to speed"in every meeting.


  9. Is there a structure for the peer group meeting?
    Yes! For all your sessions, we have designed scientifically curated outlines and content.  Each contains a structure with tools and guidelines. Also, our sessions are shepherded by experienced Facilitators.  As we learn through the groups, we continue to evolve these session outlines/structures to make them more effective for you.


  10. Is there a guided process through which I can work on my behaviors?
    Yes! Our session structures driven by science provide easy to follow guidance without the need to retain learning.  As the underlying assumption of PB-Jam is that the "power to change yourself lies within you", we avoid spoon-feeding and instead provide you with our experienced facilitators to help you stay the course.


  11. How do I know if my behaviors are changing successfully?
    You yourself should notice the first changes - depending on the behavior area you are focusing on, these may manifest as lower stress, better interactions, shorter task times, etc. We also ask your PB JAM peer group and your work colleagues (you can decide whom to select) to evaluate your progress.  If most of the feedback paints the change in your chosen behavior as positive and consistent, you are on the right track.


  12. My manager thinks that the behavior I am focusing on is actually getting worse. What do I do?
    Do discuss with your Supervisor tangible instances when the behavior worsened.  Note it down as clearly as possible and as objectively as possible.  Reflect on the facts as well as perceptions.  Bring these notes and reflections to your next peer session and seek feedback (respecting the confidentiality of your workplace information!).  If there are changes you can make, start!  Next time when you do exhibit an improvement in the behavior, have a short check-in with your manager about it and ask if your perception matches with your manager.  Repeat this process of requesting and responding to targeted feedback until either a) Your manager also sees improvement or, b) You understand the difference in perception between you and your manager and are able to explain it to your Manager.  Also, remember that there is nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree in certain instances!


  13. I need to focus on changing two or three behaviors at a time. What should I do?
    Though the platform supports up to three behaviors in parallel per peer per group, we recommend starting with one behavior of Level 1 or 2 for your first couple of groups and then slowly reaching for three behaviors once you have 5-6 successful groups (12-week cycles) under your belt.  Discuss with your peer group and facilitator and then choose the number of behaviors that you all feel comfortable with.  The reason we request you to keep with one behavior at a time initially is to ensure enough bandwidth that you, your peers, and your work colleagues can provide for this sustainable change.  Sometimes, less is more!


  14. How long should I focus on one behavior before moving on to the next one?
    Though one can spend a lifetime on improving a single behavior, we have a much more practical view on the length of time. Focus on selected behavior for 6+ weeks (Session 06-12). This should allow you to make visible progress and incorporate some changes into regular routine. Then you can either focus on that behavior at a more advanced level or move on to different behavior. Keep in mind that some behaviors may be too big, or otherwise not appropriate for you to tackle at the present moment. If after one 12-week period, you do not see the desired change, park this behavior under the "Tackle Later" list and move on to the next one.  Nothing wrong with that!


  15. How does PB JAM money-back guarantee work during curated launch?
    Our promise of transparency coupled with our confidence in results allows us to offer you first of its kind money back guarantee for every 12-week program you purchase.  In session 06 and session 12, you will evaluate your experience on our platform.  If your overall satisfaction is less than 70% from these two evaluations, we will refund your cost for that 12-week program.  In return, we only ask for your suggestions for how your satisfaction could have exceeded 70%.  This helps us improve our platform for future users.

  16. Something else on your mind? 
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