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Self Assessment - Step 1: Your current satisfaction levels

Please read the PBJAM facet descriptions; for each facet, answer the question, "How satisfied are you as of now with your performance on this professional capability?" (1 being least satisfied and 10 being most satisfied).  Enter a number in the input box next to each facet. 


We also have two additional 'blank' spots to add capabilities that are important to you but are not covered by our facets.

Level of Satisfaction (1-10)

Collaboration - Ability to work with others to achieve more than what you individually can

Communication - Ability to express yourself and understand others​

Being Valuable - Ability to be sought after for your skills and strengths​

Leadership - Ability to lead your team and colleagues towards your vision​

Organization - Ability to stay organized across daily challenges and changes​

Work Life Balance - Ability to maintain healthy balance between your main job and the rest of life​

Your Facet 01

Your Facet 02

Done with all ratings? Excellent!  Click on the Rubik's Cube below to see the second part of the assessment!


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