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PB JAM Facilitator Certification

  • 4Weeks
  • 40Steps
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PB JAM Facilitator qualification course! Welcome to PB JAM and congratulations on taking the first step towards unleashing your potential in helping others... This training is built to help you understand how our 12-16 week programs work. Once completed, you will facilitate your first cohort with confidence! This self-paced course should take about 8 hours. It does include multiple short quizzes along the way to check if you understood the materials. We recommend you spread this over 3-4 consecutive weeks, so you have thinking time to absorb the materials. During the course, you will learn the program, watch some videos, read the structures, and build a strong understanding of our 12-16 week offerings using the "Better You!" program. For each session, we have clarified what is expected from you as the Facilitator, both from the admin and facilitator perspectives. Welcome once again and good luck! PS: PB JAM does customize the content for different channels and hence, the name of the program as well as the size of the peer cohort may change. However, use our flagship "Better You!" program as the basis to understand how PB JAM works. Having done this training, you will have a much shorter learning curve for our other offerings.

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