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ABC Model and PB JAM

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

#TLDR: #PBJAM utilizes multiple approaches and one is #ABC - Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence model.

You might have heard about ABC model, Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence cycle. Framing your own #behaviors that you have chosen for #PBJAM in ABC model can be insightful.

Antecedent: Whether we are trying to minimize a bad behavior or strengthen a good behavior, it helps to think and write down what triggers the behavior. For example, if I am trying to get up early, then my positive antecedent might be going to bed before 1000 PM, while a negative antecedent might be drinking a coffee after 0800 PM previous evening. Typically, there are more than one triggers for our behaviors. Thinking about them helps us to identify positive and negative catalysts for the behavior.

Consequence: Similar to Antecedent, consequences are also positive and negative. To strengthen a behavior, one needs to identify positive consequences of executing that behavior and also the negative consequences of not executing it. Note that not all consequences are visible or immediate and therein, lies the challenge of behavior modification.

Use your session notes to jot down key antecedents and consequences for selected behaviors. As you work through sessions, don't hesitate to modify these. Use SMART-steps to define simple short actions to realize the right antecedents for the behaviors. Post here your experiences and comments!

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