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Behavior Modification Steps, Traps and PBJAM - III

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

#TLDR: How #PBJAM helps to avoid the traps of behavior modification hurdles

Now that we have discussed steps and traps of behavior modification, naturally, you may ask a question, so how does #PBJAM help to avoid the traps and progress along with the steps?

  1. Awareness Our extensive list of behaviors categorized by #PBJFacets is a great source to give you ideas. Our peer-based platform and community act as a helping hand too.

  2. Structure #PBJAM platform provides a unique structure to make your journey of behavior modification easy. Peer feedback based on the science of organizational behavior and industry experience greatly help the users to make their efforts effective and sustainable

  3. Visibility Our metrics, applause-opportunity system provide dynamic actionable intelligence for our users to move forward and cut the ineffective actions early on.

  4. Sustainability Our platform is driven by peer feedback! Our unique applause-opportunity system provides feedback across all six facets on a regular basis. So, though you may have modified a behavior under "staying organized" if later on, you don't demonstrate those traits, your peers may dock you! This keeps your behavior modification sustained as it is continually under peer scrutiny

  5. Progress Enthusiasm is contagious, so is a success! Once you succeed at one behavior with one group, it is highly likely that you would choose another behavior (either with the same group or a new group!). This nudges our users towards continual progress and exploration.

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