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Behavioral Sciences and PB JAM

#TLDR: Short introduction of how #PBJAM utilizes #behavioralscience to help #professionals modify and strengthen #behvaiors at the workplace.

Humans have been observers of behaviors since times immemorial. As social animals, we have that innate sense to observe others and then adjust our reactions. There are two broad categories of #behavioralscience, neural (e.g. psychology, behavior analysis, or semantic networks) and social (e.g. social networks, agent-based model, or microsimulation).

Let's take #behaviormodification, a core #PBJAM principle from #behavioralscience that took shape under the able efforts of Pavlov, Skinner, Thorndike, and Watson from 1920 to 1960. Some of the key characteristics of this principle are:

  • Focused on behavior and not on personal traits or characteristics

  • Precise descriptions to effect sustainable change

  • Implemented by people in everyday life and not instructional or theoretical

  • Emphasizes current environmental events than the past

  • Rejection of hypothetical underlying causes that can't be measured or manipulated

#behaviormodification principle and structures allow #PBJAM to cut through the fog of #analysisparalysis often faced in #professionaldevelopment. Emphasis on actions that can be taken in everyday life allows #PBJAM participants to experience #tangible change. Pursuit of precision while describing levels of satisfaction, targets and goals make the #PBJAM experience highly effective.

Apart from #behaviormodification, you will encounter multiple proven as well as cutting-edge approaches integrated into #PBJAM programs.

Experience #professionaldevelopment in the #modernworkplace, driven by #science and #individualized for you! Have you talked to your manager and HR partner about enrolling in PB JAM?

PS: Here is a good reference to behavior modification.

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