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Being Thankful - Key to Growth and Contentedness

#TLDR: As Thanksgiving and the holiday season roll in for 2022, our first-year post-COVID-19 pandemic, here are a few reflections

Today morning is a wonderful crisp fall day! Leaves have fallen, but the grass is still green and the cloudy skies without wind provide warm cozy weather. As I was sipping my morning coffee, and browsing, I came across multiple messages about Thanksgiving wishes and reflections.

This time of the year is normally a time for reflection and review. When I looked at 2022, I am thankful for having a strong family, good health, exposure to wonderful people, and opportunities to pursue my happiness! May this continue and grow.

I also feel that being thankful makes one think about the positive aspects of life, which we sometimes take for granted. The feeling of thankfulness brings peace and contentment to me. With such a contented heart, I look forward to the upcoming year, allowing me to explore growth opportunities without noise or doubts.

At #PBJAM, the year 2023 is full of possibilities and growth waiting to be realized! Our conversations with diverse stakeholders from private companies to unique individuals to universities to the government sector are transforming our value proposition into reality. We look forward to welcoming new team members and impacting the lives of many professionals like never before! Here is to peace, joy, and growth!!

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