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CASH is King ... yes, even at PB JAM!

#TLDR: Genuine interactions amongst peers are the backbone of #PBJAM. We define them by the acronym #CASH. Find out more...

In our 12-week #BetterYou program, you will encounter discussions around the concept of #CriticalFriend. This is very important for the creation of #SafeSpace for the #peergroup. Though we devote our first two sessions to these concepts, here we want to provide a glimpse of what #CriticalFriend means by describing #CASH.

Think about any recent (or distant) conversations you have had with others that were valuable in content and provided you with new insights about something related to you. What made them so effective? So memorable? So personalized for you? Had to do something with how you talked about the topic and how the others responded/engaged, right?

At #PBJAM, we have found that there are certain characteristics of #peers that boost #meaningful discussions that are apolitical, yet transparent and direct. These are:

  1. Caring: The individuals you interact with demonstrate caring for you. The reason they are listening to you is not for an ulterior motive, but to genuinely hear you out.

  2. Attentive: The individuals were focused on your words and not distracted while they were listening to you. This allowed them to not just hear you, but to understand you.

  3. Supportive: The individuals were supportive. Their intent was not to disprove you, nor to show you how they are better, but really to support you in addressing the issue at hand.

  4. Honest: The individuals provided you with honest opinions and feedback. They didn't mince words, nor tried to be diplomatic or superficial. Their honesty touched your mind in a way where their words resonated with you and remained with you long after the discussion was over.

At #PBJAM, we do emphasize our structures, methods, and tools to bring #CASH peer out of each participant. The outcomes are genuine and effective progress for each participant over the time they are with #PBJAM (and even afterward!).

Experience #professionaldevelopment in the #modernworkplace, driven by #science and #individualized for you! Have you talked to your manager and HR partner about enrolling in PB JAM?

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