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Changing skillsets in the modern workplace

#TLDR: Great degrees and experience may not be enough to make you successful in the modern workplace. What skills do you need?

The traditional norms for success have been a good education and a steady track record of increasing responsibilities in a few companies. The occasional ex-pat experience was the cherry on top.

These traditional norms are clashing with the #modernworkplace, an amazing construct of technology and globalization. It is full of diversity and has unprecedented access to knowledge via the web. With dynamic mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions, the #companyculture is becoming more fluid.

Who are the employees that are winning in this new environment? They are the ones with a few different skills than what traditional #ATS would scan for. Here are a few skills that we have found to be critical:

  1. Collaboration: The superstars that save the day are no longer needed, in fact, they might be viewed as noise! The #modernworkplace needs employees who can #collaborate across functions and seniority levels.

  2. Connecting the dots: All basic knowledge is available on the screen nearest to you! Also, there are SMEs who know their fields very well. What the #modernworkplace looks for are the people who can connect the dots from different domains as that's when value creation happens for the modern enterprise.

  3. Empathy: Treating people like widgets is a ghost from the industrial era. As Adam Grant said, people are the business now. But managing and working with people does not come from metrics and goals, but from human relationships and #empathy.

  4. Watching for the disruptors: Nobody wants to have the Kodak moment (suddenly going out of relevance due to a disruptive technology) for their job, their function, or their company. The #modernworkplace values the individuals who can sense such disruptions and act upon them.

Needless to say, there are still some skills that are as relevant today as they were 100 years ago like #communication skills and organization skills.

What have you experienced in the recent past? Which skills do you value? Which skills do you want to work on? We love to hear from you, so write your feedback!

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