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Credential Inflation (CI)

Updated: May 22, 2022

#TLDR: You need more than just #credentials to survive and grow in the #modernworkplace

Have you ever heard your parent or aunt or uncle saying, "In my days, having GED was sufficient to earn a living and now you need at least a bachelor's degree?" If you have, you are not alone. As per 2014 Burning Glass research, 30%+ admin assistant postings now ask for Bachelor's degree (which in the past used to be a high school diploma or GED).

We always hear how modern society requires more education and credentials than earlier generations. As per Pew Research Gen Z (those who are 6-21 years old as of 2018) are on track to be the most educated generation of us all! However, when you find that most of your peers are highly educated, the credential advantage dissipates, and such dissipation is called #credentialinflation (CI).

Managing #credentialinflation is a critical professional skill. Answer to CI is not necessarily more degrees/diplomas, but rather acquiring/sharpening/strengthening your abilities that are not learned in a course or college aka your soft skills and behavioral skills.

This is where the #PBJAM platform and ecosystem are focused. To help you realize and build upon your potential beyond CI. We do it using proven research and practices from diverse scientific fields like Neuroscience, Organizational Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, and Operations Management. Our approaches are highly individualized and provide visible outcomes that are sustainable in the #modernworkplace.

Curious about how we do it? Experience #PBJAM yourself! #professionaldevelopment in the #modernworkplace, driven by #science and #individualized for you! Have you talked to your manager and HR partner about enrolling in PB JAM?

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