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Driving the Fear out

#TLDR: The age-old wisdom from Deming still rings true, but how do you act upon it?

Ever heard someone telling you, "Convey only the good news upwards!"? In 1986, W. Edwards Deming introduced his “14 Points for Management” in the book, Out of the Crisis. Here is number eight, "Drive out fear, so that everyone may work effectively for the company".

In any team, function, or company truth is the first victim of fear. As soon as people start hesitating to tell the unpleasant truth and try to morph it into a palatable message (oftentimes at the expense of clarity and action), the organization suffers from bad data, ineffective decision-making, and low morale. These very things drive employee disengagement and talent turnover.

So, how do you prevent it from happening, or even worse, how do you correct it if it is already happening around you? At #PBJAM, we stress a lot about creating #SafeSpaces where people can be vulnerable to sharing their minds. What are the signs that you have #SafeSpaces around you at work?

  1. There are groups or individuals with whom you are open to sharing your concerns and hopes without the fear of being judged

  2. When you speak with them, you have their full attention (they won't be checking their phones or glancing away every now and then) and they will be there to listen (not to react!)

  3. You feel and believe that these groups care about you as an individual and not just as a work colleague

  4. You normally don't hesitate to ask for help from these groups, whether it is for your next big presentation or to drop you off at the car mechanic

  5. Their feedback is not just to please your ears or ego, but to provide helpful insights and genuine appreciation

  6. Your secrets are safe with them and their trust is proven over time

Working to remove fear from a workplace is a tall task and takes time, energy, and focus! However, the #SafeSpaces created through conscious efforts are the source of innovation, creativity, and partnerships that unveil productivity and tomorrow's industry leaders!

Experience and learn how to build #SafeSpaces with #PBJAM! In fact, with our 12-week "Better You!" program, you will build your own #SafeSpaces with the peer group.

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