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Have you had a check-up?

#TLDR: Though we schedule our dental and medical check-ups, we forget to do the same for our careers and professional journeys. Such check-ups are critical for your continued engagement and success!

Recently, I heard a podcast where Adam Grant was stressing the importance of regular check-ups on your professional life to ensure #engagement and #satisfaction. The suggestion is simple, yet important from my perspective.

Here are four questions that I have asked myself regularly over time to help me figure out how #healthy is my #professional life.

  1. Are there enough #ToDo on my list on Monday morning to get me energized for the week ahead?

  2. Have I #contributed (in an easily quantifiable way) to my functional/company goals over the last week/month/quarter?

  3. Have I been verbally #appreciated for my contributions recently by my colleagues/ my manager/ my team members?

  4. Are my values still #aligned with those of my colleagues/ my manager/ my team members/ my company?

Whenever I have received a negative answer to any of these four questions, I have learnt to take it very seriously and analyze further. Such analysis has helped me to move into different jobs, different functions, different geographical locations and also to switch careers.

Every Monday morning, when the answers have been all positive (which has been most of the time), I have experienced a smile on my face. It has been the smile of #anticipation, of #belonging, of #meaning... in short, of my healthy professional existence.

Just like the health check-ups, the negative answers do not mean that you immediately need to change jobs, but they are very early warning signals of your #professional performance and #aspirations losing #alignment with that of your company/ your manager/ your colleagues or your teams.

Make these questions part of your weekly or monthly routine, and you will have a heightened #awareness of your #professional health. They will help you to stay #professionally #fit!

What has been your experience? If you look back at key changes in your career, how many times did you foresee what was coming months in advance? If you have been dissatisfied with your job in any way, are the answers to the above four questions still positive? What other ways have you used to do such #professional #checkup? Write to us or post your comments here.

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