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How many people does it take to find two with the same birthday?

#TLDR: As professionals with a drive to improve ourselves, we have a lot to find in common with each other than you would expect

There is a famous Birthday Paradox that asks the question in the title of this post. What is your intuitive guess? 366? 183? Well, the answer is surprisingly smaller if you go by the probability of finding two people with the same birthday.

You need only 23 people to have a 50% chance that two of them will share the same birthday and if you bump that number up to 57, there is a 99% chance that two of them will share the same birthday!

Similarly, on #PBJAM, we are a community of like-minded professionals who all believe "Better Me is Better We" and are self-starters when it comes to our professional development. Hence, no matter what industry, function, or geography you come from, you will find a lot in common with peers that you meet and work with on #PBJAM.

These similarities help #PBJAM groups to work together well and form #SafeSpace to hold honest yet caring discussions around challenges that you are facing at this point in time.

As you stay and work with #PBJAM over time, you will build a meaningful yet small network of peers who are from different industries, locations, and functions than your normal company/industry network.

This network will help you to #engage, #grow and #thrive in your professional and personal life. It will improve your #effectiveness and #creativity. In short, #PBJAM over time will make you #valuable for your stakeholders. And yes, that's not just intuition, but testimonials of our users!

Have you had a talk with your manager or HR partner about enrolling on the #PBJAM platform yet?

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