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How much time do you spend on developing your people?

#TLDR: Accountability overload and Tech-driven exhaustion makes it harder for people leaders to spend time on developing their people, #PBJAM can help!

A while back, while talking to a board member of a Fortune 100 company, I asked a question as to how much time they spend developing their people. The answer was quite revealing... expectation was 60% or more while the reality was far from it. The gap was driven precisely by accountability overload and tech-driven exhaustion.

Accountability overload is caused by increase in productivity, whereby, you have your team members responsible to execute and deliver, but you are accountable to ensure a positive experience for all stakeholders in the process. Accountability overload comes in the form of time spent in smoothing the ruffled feathers, time spent in creating buy-in for the proposals of your team members and time spent in amplifying the messaging from your team members.

Tech-driven exhaustion is caused by 24x7 connectivity and ease of doing business over your preferred mobile device. It is tempting to check the email at 0900 PM or 1100 PM or 0500 AM simply because ... you can! It is tempting to schedule a meeting at 0500 PM because that's when most people have their calendars free. It is tempting to clean the email backlog on a Sunday morning because you have time and access.

But, amongst all this operational workload, very little mental bandwidth is left for you to focus on your people for their professional development, just like the board member that I talked to. You may have the quarterly developmental dialogues on your calendar, but how effective have they been? Developing your people is an ongoing responsibility that is hard to fulfill via a few meetings.

As your mental bandwidth is consumed by the operational workload, what options have you explored to help you with developing your people? #PBJAM precisely fills this role, as your force multiplier, without causing extra workload to you or your HR partners.

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