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How to write effective SMART-steps?

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

#TLDR: Creating #powerful and #impactful SMART-steps is half the battle in #professional #progress

SMART-steps drive progress at PB-JAM. During each session (and after as well), it is critical for each participant to put tangible SMART-steps in place.

PB-JAM platform shows your SMART-steps in every session. So, let's quickly review some key characteristics of SMART-steps that are expected for documentation in PB-JAM.

  1. Start with a verb (e.g. Complete, Review, Schedule, Discuss, Read, Present, etc.)

  2. Be succinct (normally, not longer than 10-15 words)

  3. Be finite (don't put "Change the world" as an action, for example)

  4. Be tangible (don't put action that can't be measured, e.g. "Change the world")

  5. Be achievable (instead of stating, "Change my manager's perspective", better to state, "Understand my manager's perspective")

  6. Clear due date (No open ended/ongoing actions)

  7. Measurable progress (Your peers should be able to judge if you have made progress on an action or not)

Some examples of good SMART-steps:

  • Identify and document every Monday my top 3 to-dos for next 4 weeks

  • Introduce myself to 5 new people at work using elevator speech

  • Be on time for 10 or more meetings over next 3 weeks

Some examples of not so good SMART-steps

  • Try to be concise in my communications

  • Make my work network wider

  • Don't be late for meetings

That's it! What do you think are your best practices for effective SMART-steps? Share with us!

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