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Increasing focus on soft skills in the modern workplace

#TLDR: Recent analysis of over 5000 job descriptions for C-suite roles yielded insights on #softskills applicable to all professionals

At #PBJAM, we focus on soft skills rather than hard technical skills. Over years, our founders have recognized the growing need to help modern professionals with structures and tools to strengthen their soft skills. Though there is a range of #softskills to work upon (and the needs are highly #individualized), the analysis by #HBR based on data from Russell Reynolds Associates (a leading C-suite executive search firm) has insights that apply far beyond the C-suite.

At #PBJAM, subscribers get access to structures, tools, and peer groups to reflect and work upon relevant #softskills. This post provides context on what organizational factors play a role in making certain #softskills more valuable.

  • Insight 1 - As compared to 2000, there is 25% more emphasis on #softskills in C-suite job descriptions while there is almost 40% drop in emphasis on operational skills like managing financial and material resources

  • Insight 2 - Soft skills mean a high level of self-awareness, the ability to listen and communicate well, a facility for working with different types of people and groups, and the capacity to infer how others are thinking and feeling

  • Insight 3 - Soft skills are most relevant in businesses where productivity hinges on effective communication

  • Insight 3 - Businesses that operate across cultures and geographies and rely on white collar workforce value soft skills more

  • Insight 4 - As information processing (automation) increases (Slack, Outlook, Teams, Email, Intranet, or many other modern platforms), more opportunities for effective communication are needed as more information doesn't necessarily mean better communication

  • Insight 5 - When most competitors are using similar technologies, modern leaders need to differentiate themselves through different and more effective communication means (not more tech!)

  • Insight 6 - Personal, Empathetic, Accountable, and Transparent communication is expected with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders, which falls beyond the access and proficiency in the latest tech

So, though it is abundantly clear that #softskills are being more valued, closely assessed, and used for the hiring and promotion decisions, the infrastructure and tools to help employees improve their #softskills are still far and few between in terms of #effectiveness, #visibility, #individualization, and #sustainability. This is where #PBJAM comes in as your reliable partner.

Have you talked with your HR partner and leadership team about participating in #PBJAM? Schedule that discovery call today!

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