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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

#TLDR: From the evergreen classic "E-myth revisited", this post leverages chapter 10 of business development and puts it in perspective for #selfdevelopment. After all, what can be a bigger business than self?

As I was reading this great book, it struck me that many of the concepts and processes that are prescribed for a small business are applicable for #selfdevelopment as well! Today, I want to discuss the cycle of innovation-quantification-orchestration in this context.

Prof Theodore Levitt from Harvard clarifies that "#creativity thinks up new things, #innovation does new things". In this regard, #innovation is much closer to the #PBJAM ethos of #biasforaction. When it comes to yourself, think about #innovation with a simple question, "What is standing in the way of my stakeholders from getting value through me?". Jot down your thoughts as bullet points. Follow this with some actions, (use SMART-steps on #PBJAM platform) and then ask yourself every week, "What have I done differently today/last week/last month?". Remember, #innovation focuses on #action and not just thoughts!

As you are innovating, it is important to measure its #effectiveness. This is the #quantification part! As Michael E Gerber says, "measure everything related to how you do business", the only difference is that now the business is your #selfdevelopment! As you have experienced, measuring subjective aspects like #peopleskills is always challenging and difficult. At #PBJAM, we solve this using #feedback that is structured (so participants avoid fluff), objective (we focus on #weektoweek changes observed), and #neutral (feedback providers have nothing to gain/lose by not providing honest and direct feedback). #quantification of your #selfdevelopment helps to identify what really works for you and what doesn't. Not just because you think so, but because your stakeholders put their perceptions as feedback to you.

"#orchestration is the elimination of #discretion at the operating level of your business" as per Michael E Gerber. For #selfdevelopment, this implies sustaining your #behaviors till they become unconscious habits. #PBJAM's daily hint email around open #SMARTsteps greatly helps you to stay on track. The group helps you to stay #accountable to yourself and #feedback shows you how effective your actions have been.

Have you ever found such similarities with #selfdevelopment from other fields? We would love to read about it! Drop us an email, tweet, or comment.

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