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Is PB JAM for me?

Out of multitude of avenues and approaches available for #professional #development, the valid question is which approach/toolbox is most suitable for you.

4-Question #Fit #Evaluation process

  1. Question One (WHY): What is my primary goal to explore professional development? The answers can be multiple. For example, you may be looking for a new job or a career change or a promotion or a pay raise or better work-life balance or better job satisfaction or something else.

  2. Question Two (WHAT): What will I benefit from most? For example, hard skills training or formal degree/diploma/certification or on-the-job training/assignment/project or coaching/mentoring or self driven self reflection aided by structures/tools or something else

  3. Question Three (AM I READY): Do I have resources (both time and money) to spare that are commensurate with my answer to Question Two above? Will my manager/employer help me with resources (time and/or money)? Will my personal life be able to absorb the extra workload?

  4. Question Four (HOW): What are the top three options that appeal to me based on answers to questions one through three? Have I talked with anyone who has had experience with these options?

We highly encourage you to think through such process before starting with #PBJAM or any other development approach you may have on your radar. These four simple questions help you to identify if #PBJAM is right for you or not as of now. Selecting the right #toolset is critical for your success and we want you to utilize #PBJAM only if your answers to above questions direct you to #PBJAM.

What brought you to #PBJAM? What other options have you considered? If you didn't select #PBJAM, what are you using as of now? We love to hear from you! Write your comments below.

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