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Is your all-star team floundering?

#TLDR: All-star teams look great on paper, but can flourish only with the right professional development framework and resources. #PBJAM can help!

We all have sat through those bi-annual people planning meetings. With a matrix on the screen with 4, 5, or 9 boxes and names of people showing up digitally, as sticky notes, or as hand-written, one function at a time. The leadership team chimes in as the patient HR leader discusses the names and details as to why someone is in a particular box and what you plan to do. Given the sheer number of individuals to talk about and the limited time available, invariably, the discussion gets focused on the exceptions.

This collective phenomenon displays the limitations of the mental bandwidth of leadership when it comes to people. Instead of intentionally observing, analyzing, discussing, and interacting with each individual for professional development, the leader's focus stays on the exceptions.

Though such a focus helps the organization with efficiency, it does not serve well in the long run. Such a lack of intention on your capable and solid contributors sends a message to the organization that the leadership only cares about a few or that leadership's efforts are not consistent!

How do you engage your people at large? Not just the superstars and exceptions? You need force multipliers who can provide effective and individualized professional development to all (and not just a few). Force multipliers do not imply outsourcing the efforts, but instead, it means augmenting and strengthening your internal efforts. Force multipliers do not introduce noise into your plans, but amplify your content, your strategy, your goals, and your language.

At #PBJAM, we do just that! Be your force multipliers, so that your all-star team can deliver on the business mission and goals. Our capable and scalable structures can be utilized across industries and experience levels as an amplifier for your professional development goals.

Try our 12-week Better You! program with a few participants and see for yourself!

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