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Johari Window and PB-Jam

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR: Leverage #PBJAM to enhance your self awareness

As 2020 comes to a close, wanted to share this post with you. Something to sleep over and wake up to a promising 2021!

Source: Luft, Joseph, Of Human Interaction, (c) McGraw-Hill Education

Johari window is a visual construct to succinctly explain concept behind self development that is at the heart of PB-Jam as well. The visual is self explanatory and hence, let's spend time to reflect on how PB-Jam is a catalyst in your self exploration as described in Johari window.

In a close-knit format of PB-Jam, it is worthwhile to share with your peer group members the hidden area (tell) and to ask for blind area observations (ask). This structure is built-in to 'critical friend' discussion/role that we talk about in session 02.

As you start diving deep into selected behavior and take actions, use the shared discovery arrow to shrink your unknown area steadily. The combination of self-discovery and other's observations is a powerful way to effectively and sustainably modify professional behaviors.

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