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Lifelong Learning and PB JAM

#TLDR: We are students for life and many times, need to unlearn and relearn skills. #PBJAM celebrates this process and actively supports it. Here is an inspirational story of #BethanyHamilton and how it applies to us all.

An up-and-coming surfer with her whole life ahead of her, Bethany lost her left arm from the shoulder down to a shark attack. Instead of giving up, Bethany learned again how to surf and live without an arm.

Her motto, "Be Unstoppable" and her self-characterization as "Relentless Overcomer" fit perfectly with the #growthminded professional who wants to #engage and #thrive in the #modernworkplace.

In the #modernworkplace, being made redundant or being laid off is not so much related to your performance as it is driven by the changing job needs. But, every such #disaster can open up new doors for you! However, the new doors require you to have #grit, #confidence in your abilities, and #clarity on what you want. And this is why I love the story of #BethanyHamilton. Watch the short video, visit her website and think about how it relates to you.

The #modernworkplace does not rely on fixed skills and roles but asks for #flexibility and #change on how each individual can add #value to the business at hand. This is very different from the #careers of the yore where one degree, one function, one job used to be valid and worthwhile for one's whole professional life. For example, you could have an MBA in Marketing and then stick with Marketing for most of your career without significant changes or need to learn something different. But not anymore! The modern marketing career may not go far now without understanding #bigdata, advances in behavioral sciences, and changing product channels due to technology.

With #productivity gains of the last two decades, flattening organizations, and faster-paced market changes, #modernworkplace has very different requirements! Your initial degrees and professional credentials are great as an #entryticket to the industry and job of your choice, but if you want to #stay and #grow, you need to start #upskilling yourself, start #reinventing your #professionalpersona. It is a continuous process of #unlearning the old and learning the new.

And this is not a smooth process! The #modernworkplace will throw wrenches in your plans, make your dream jobs redundant, replace your teams with outsourcing, your best resources will move, your high priority projects will be abandoned at a short notice, your budgets might freeze and at every such instance, you will need to look deep inside and ask a question, "How can I add value to my stakeholders tomorrow?".

At #PBJAM, we celebrate such turning points in your career! We are here to help you build #meaningful professional networks, build #clarity around what your #professionaldevelopment needs are, and create a #visible track record of your progress and achievements along the way.

In our 12-week flagship program, you will spend three weeks discussing and thinking about what exactly you need to work on at this point in time of your professional life. This #exploration is key to building #clarity. This is followed by six weeks of focus and change phase, where we use #SMARTSteps and #peerbased structures to focus you on tangible steps towards your goals with #feedback from your stakeholders (be it your spouse, boss, direct reports, or colleagues).

As you #stay and #grow with #PBJAM, you will build a valuable history rich with concrete achievements, crisp feedback, and a clear path demonstrating your fit #professionalpersona that is in demand in the #modernworkplace.

What attracted you to #PBJAM? How has it changed your #professionalpersona? What drastic changes have you faced recently? How have you tackled them? We love to read your comments and if interesting enough, let's make a short video for the #PeerView channel as well!

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