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Max Planck and PB JAM

Yes, you read right ... PB JAM and the Nobel Laureate Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck!

His professor Philipp von Jolly advised young Planck against going in Physics with the famous quote "In this field, almost everything is already discovered, and all that remains is to fill a few holes". Planck's response to this quote is what made me write this post.

Planck replied "I do not wish to discover new things, but only want to understand the known fundamentals of the field". That #curiosity and #diligence is what #PBJAM is about too!

With #PBJAM, we encourage you to revisit the #dailystruggles that bog you down and keep finding new ways to address them. We do not claim to be breaking new grounds in #professional #development, we are merely creating space, platform and structures to allow you to understand and strengthen yourself.

Many times, our growth comes not from inventing something new, but thinking again about the known. It comes by looking at the familiar from #new #perspective.

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