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New Year Resolutions?

#TLDR: #PBJAM tips to make #sticky #resolutions and how to actually realize them

A new year is an exciting event! We are leaving behind the year that went by and are ready to enter a blank slate of 365 days. Naturally, we want to paint this blank slate with our #dreams and #goals a.k.a. #resolutions! Though we make our best efforts to keep and achieve these resolutions, there are quite a few (74%!! as per 2018 Statista data) that we miss or abandon along the way.

Missing or not achieving goals has a negative impact on the human mind and it creates self-doubt about our capabilities. Such self-doubt is harmful in personal as well as professional life. At #PBJAM, we help individuals to #engage, #grow and #thrive at work. And, one of our key focuses is ensuring that our subscribers are able to a) set good goals and b) achieve them in a visible and verifiable way.

Our #exploration phase (sessions 03-05) focuses on setting good goals. We have a framework that allows each individual to first reflect on what is their biggest concern around professional success at that point. This is followed by helping them to verbalize and clarify the focus area via #PBJAM #facets. By the end of session 05, our subscribers have a clear goal that is documented and communicated. You can use our framework for setting your new year #resolutions as well!

Our #focus phase (sessions 06-11) is all about taking tangible, finite, weekly actions a.k.a. #SMARTsteps around the goals identified in the #exploration phase. Of course, these are supported by our framework and mutual accountability environment of #PBJAM. We have seen success time and again across a multitude of goals and personalities using our techniques. As a #PBJAM #subscriber, you have access to these frameworks and tools. You can use them to track your new year #resolutions as well!

As per Statista, health and career were top categories of resolution in 2021 with 21% of 2021 resolutions being around "pursuing career ambition". #PBJAM can help you! Try us out...

What has been your experience with new year's resolutions? What made you achieve the goals and keep up the resolutions? What were your main roadblocks? Have you tried to use the #PBJAM framework and tools for something outside of #PBJAM? We would love to hear about it! Write to us, Comment here and we may even request you to be on our video channel, #PeerView!

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