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Operations Management and PB JAM

#TLDR: #operationsmanagement has contributed to amazing growth in #productivity across industries in the recent past. #PBJAM dips heavily into these successful techniques to provide #effectiveness in #professionaldevelopment

In 1900, GDP per capita for the world was about 940 USD. It grew to 4000 USD by 2000. This astounding 4x growth was enabled by various innovations, one of which was the science of #operationsmanagement. Frederick Taylor and Gilbreths (Frank and Lillian) brought the era of modern #operationsmanagement to our world.

#PBJAM leverages many proven concepts from #operationsmanagement. Here is one called Short Interval Control (SIC) that forms the backbone for our SMART-steps and weekly cadence.

#SIC is a structured approach to reviewing past performance, identifying improvement opportunities, and then acting upon them in a systematic manner. #SIC happens on the production floor (closest to where value is being added in a company) and is a collaborative and participative process for the employees responsible for value addition as well as their support and oversight staff. In a typical #SIC meeting, the participants review standard metrics, past actions, and their status, discuss what worked, and what didn't work, and then agree on the future actions.

At #PBJAM, we turn this over into a structure to guide participants through the #change phase. Our questions are simple but effective, for example, a) What helped you complete the SMART-step successfully? b) What hindered you from completing the SMART-step on time?, c) What did you learn from the successful completion?, d) What would you do differently next week based on learning from last week? and so on.

These simple, direct questions help participants to reflect honestly on what is helping them to move forward and what is hindering them. It also allows for clear feedback from peers rather than complex or subjective questions.

Apart from #SIC, we also use extensive structures around #metrics from #operationsmanagement, making sure that metrics are #visible, #measurable, and easy to understand.

Experience #professionaldevelopment in the #modernworkplace, driven by #science and #individualized for you! Have you talked to your manager and HR partner about enrolling in PB JAM?

PS: Here is a good reference for SIC

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