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Organizational Psychology and PB JAM

#TLDR: Short introduction to #organizationalpsychology principles and research built into #PBJAM

Industrial and Organizational Psychology is the science of how individuals think and work in the #modernworkplace. It is the study of determinants of motivation, commitment, and job satisfaction. It is about interpersonal interactions within organizations. It is about the design of the #modernworkplace that facilitates effectiveness.

At #PBJAM, we weave the research and findings from #organizationalpsychology in various structures and content. Our assessments are designed to elicit individual status around #PBJAM #facets in a neutral way (no wrong answer format). Our feedback mechanisms are driven by the research on human interactions with a specific focus on making feedback as transparent and honest as possible. Our rating systems are designed to amplify the differences for better visibility by the recipients. #PBJAM #facets are carefully defined to capture the most critical elements of the #modernworkplace and human interactions therein. #PBJAM #behaviors are designed to help #professionals pick proven paths to sustainable and visible paths to improvement in soft skills.

In the forming phase of the #BetterYou program, initial exercises like #feedforward interviews, and #CriticalFriend discussions are specifically designed to create #SafeSpace for participants, where participants can openly and honestly share their current struggles, devise action plans, reflect on their progress, seek feedback and carry out course corrections in an apolitical, non-competitive yet persuasive setting.

Experience #professionaldevelopment in the #modernworkplace, driven by #science and #individualized for you! Have you talked to your manager and HR partner about enrolling in PB JAM?

PS: Here is a good reference to organizational psychology.

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