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P.I.E. - Have you heard about it?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR: Leverage #PBJAM for career progress by managing #exposure and #image

Many a times, you might have wondered what are those unwritten rules of career success that some of your colleagues seem to know but you don't. Hard work alone may not get you ahead in career.

Harvey Coleman wrote an insightful book ten years ago titled "Empowering yourself: the Organizational Game Revealed". Based on his experience in corporate America of glass ceilings and later on his research into the causes for such ceilings, he came up with a very insightful summary called P.I.E.

As you can see, career progress is much more than your individual skills and hard work. #PBJAM helps you to explore the Image and Exposure aspects over time. As you build these capabilities, keep in mind that your challenges will also shift.

Every time you achieve a career success, the P.I.E. gets reset for the next stage. You have to be self aware and evaluate what is needed for you to get to that next stage. Being with #PBJAM platform over time provides you that awareness and #CriticalFriend circle so you are positioned in the best possible way to succeed in your career.

As Harvey says in the book... let the games begin! We would love to hear from you what your experiences have been in your career. Have you noticed if P.I.E. works in your company, your industry? If yes, what are your observations? If not, what do you think works instead? Write your comments here or in #PBJAM forums.

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