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PB-JAM Facets - What are they?

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

#TLDR: Quick outline of #PBJAM facets that you will use in our structures

In our research and discussions with industry leaders, we found certain categories of behaviors coming up again and again. We put them as #PBJAM facets, categories of behaviors found to be effective and critical in a professional environment. Here is a brief explanation of each.

  1. Communication Our ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with others impacts our relationships and perceptions of others about us. Effective communication is the bedrock of professional and personal growth.

  2. Collaboration As we have to interact with people, our ability to collaborate effectively is another critical capability. Collaboration offers us the capability to increase our impact many-fold by leveraging the strengths of others while minimizing the hurdles of our weaknesses.

  3. Leadership Ability to lead (not just your direct reports, but your peers and also your management) can make you a professional superstar. Leadership doesn’t mean being right all the time and knowing it all. Leadership is more about getting to know your team, peers, and boss and then utilizing their capabilities to chase the mission statement of your organization.

  4. Being Valuable Being valuable at work is a great way to ensure your professional success. It also allows you to take more calculated risks. Being valuable transcends your current job responsibilities as you are perceived to be able to add value to the company’s mission statement beyond your current role.

  5. Be Organized This capability is as important in our professional life as it is in our personal life. Getting better at being organized helps us to get more from the same 24 hours that all of us get in a day

  6. Work-Life Balance In today’s workplace of the internet and constant connectivity, work-life balance is more about the blend of work and life than a clear separation based on the clock. Today’s work-life balance means being able to step out of a meeting to pick up your kids or being able to start late for the day as you had a breakfast appointment with your better half.

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