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PB JAM Facilitators

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

#TLDR: #PBJAM #Facilitators are force multipliers for strengthening your professional behaviors

Facilitators are amplifiers and catalysts for the capabilities of #PBJAM. Our facilitators with the right mix of industry experience and skills provide a significant force multiplier for your efforts.

#Facilitator will help you to understand #PBJAM platform and structures.

Our facilitators do not need to be professional career coaches or life coaches or mentors. For many of them, facilitation is an act of giving back to the profession that has enriched their lives so far.

Of course, we do not believe in 'free services' and hence, all facilitators are compensated fairly for their efforts.

Key characteristics of our facilitators

  • Professionals from different stages (from those with 5 years of work experience to those who have retired)

  • A mix of individual contributors and people leaders with direct functional reports and/or indirect teams

  • Interested in helping other professionals

  • Good listeners

  • Good shepherds

  • Able to succinctly share their own experiences that are relevant to the discussion

  • Help peers hold themselves accountable

Have you tried a group with facilitation? What has been your experience? What differences did you notice? Share with us!

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