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PB JAM from Manager's Perspective - What's in it for me?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR: Free up my #MentalBandwidth by leveraging #PBJAM

Our complex lives as managers put multiple demands on our 24 hours in a day in various ways.

The regular workload of running our shops aside (which is increasing as productivity improves), maintaining your own networks, keeping your own career and life balanced takes away a large part of #MentalBandwidth of today's people managers. The always-on technology further consumes this bandwidth via distractions. So, it is becoming more and more challenging to find not just time, but also the mental bandwidth to meaningfully develop your most critical resource, your people.

Let #PBJAM help you! By assigning part of your development workload to #PBJAM, you will #empower your team for professional development and be able to focus more on #results of professional development than having to be continuously involved in #execution of their development.

In order to leverage #PBJAM, we recommend that you should discuss with your chosen team members in a group setting about a key company value set that you want them to reflect upon and live. This should be followed by 1:1 meetings with each of the chosen members to add what you want that member to work on for the upcoming 3-4m, for example, "Improve your communication skills". Set clear success criteria for such mid-term goal, for example, "I want you to take on monthly project update presentation for next 3 months and want to see consistent improvement in clarity and brevity of messages. We will ask the meeting participants for feedback on these two aspects every month to track your progress".

Thus, by investing some of your precious time upfront, you can shift the focus of your #MentalBandwidth from actively managing the development process to evaluating the effectiveness of the process by leveraging #PBJAM. This helps you to avoid getting lost in the daily noise as partner in execution and frees up your #MentalBandwidth. Now what would you pay for that extra mental space?

What have you seen from your team members who are using #PBJAM? What have been the key benefits for you? What have been your wishes? Write to us by commenting here or emailing us at

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