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PB JAM from Manager's Perspective - Will I lose my employees to competition?

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR: Less risk of losing employees and higher reward of productive employees

We all have heard and seen multiple pitches by various consultants and companies to help us with our people development efforts. Many a time, we do #pauseandreflect to evaluate not only the fit of the offering but also the value and risks of participation.

For #PBJAM, where we match users from different companies to form a closely knit group, one obvious question that is relevant as Manager is "Am I going to lose my employees to another competitor by participating in #PBJAM?"

This is a valid question, and applies both ways. As a manager, you may get access to new talent via #PBJAM as well. At the same time, there are more reasons for an employee to stay and grow when exposed to #PBJAM. Here are some of them:

  • First Mover advantage: By nominating your employees to #PBJAM, you are being proactive to demonstrate that you are vested in developing your employees

  • Increased Productivity: #PBJAM participants invariably get better at being productive at work by working on critical behaviors via peer feedback

  • Improved engagement: #PBJAM gently but firmly guides participants to reflect critically on their job performance and results in improved focus and engagement at work

  • Neutral Feedback: #PBJAM also acts as validation mechanism for your employees where you get a thorough feedback over 12 weeks of observations and interactions from two peers who come from different company/industry. As a manager, such feedback is worth its weight in gold for practical next steps in people management.

  • Validation of Skills: As the participants are guided to be #CriticalFriends, their feedback is more honest and clear than traditional #360assessments. This helps managers to validate their own viewpoints about employees (and many a time, shine a new light on capabilities/weaknesses that may not have been visible to you!).

As a manager, what are your concerns for #PBJAM? We would love to hear from you. Write your opinions/questions here as reactions or email us at

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