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PB JAM keeps your professional persona sharp through your career

#TLDR: Sharpen your #professional persona with #PBJAM by actively thinking and discussing the gaps and overlaps amongst #perception, #capabilities and #jobRequirements

Have you ever taken an #OutOfFocus picture? Not very clear and you may recall that somehow or other, your lenses and lighting lacked alignment. Something similar is true about our #professional persona.

What is a professional persona? It is a mix of what your colleagues think about what you do (#perceptions), what your #capabilities are and what your job requires. Many a time, we suffer from a vague/unclear persona at work like an out-of-focus image.

At #PBJAM, we offer you a unique opportunity to steadily think through these three aspects and align them to create a sharper professional image that is true to your aspirations. Let's take a quick look.

#Peer based interactions at #PBJAM help you to understand the #perception that people hold about you. #Facets and #Behaviors you choose help you to think through your #capabilities. While the #feedback that you get from #peers and work colleagues/managers help you to assess how closely you are aligned with what your job requires.

This is an iterative process that unfolds over time. At #PBJAM, we have found that spending couple of years on platform helps most subscribers to understand the relationships amongst #perception, #capabilities and #jobRequirements.

Like in photography, an alignment that gave you a memorable and sharp image in an outdoor setting one evening, may not work for an indoor morning photo the next day. Similarly, your professional persona keeps moving as you grow and every now and then, you need to check and make sure that it still has the same sharp focus.

We stand in awe of your potential and wish you a life time of in-focus, sharp images a.k.a. #professional persona.

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