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PB JAM Values - Authenticity

#TLDR: Our values not only define who we are but also permeate through our culture and strongly impact our business processes including hiring and client interactions. Here is our second value #authenticity

"Be comfortable being ourselves, be kind, be courageous" is #PBJAM's second value. Bringing our true selves to work every day without any masks at #PBJAM defines and differentiates us.

One key aspect of authenticity is #acceptance, acceptance of who we are. It helps us to be kind and also gives us the confidence to be courageous.

Over our careers, we have learned to be #kind to ourselves without losing the courage to dream big and set challenging targets! We have seen time and again, that the comfort level in any relationship increases dramatically when we are genuine and authentic in our interactions. Our #authenticity has helped us build lifelong relationships with many of our professional contacts despite having had differences of opinions and approaches.

At #PBJAM, we encourage authenticity over showmanship, kindness over competition, and #courage over anxiety. Being kind to ourselves, our employees, our partners, and our subscribers is a fundamental imperative for us to be able to help our customers to improve their professional personas.

What has been your experience with being #authentic? When was it the hardest to be authentic? What did you do? We love to read your opinions, feedback, and stories!

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