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PB JAM Values - Empathy

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

#TLDR: Our values not only define who we are but also permeate through our culture and strongly impact our business processes including hiring and client interactions. Here is our fifth value #empathy

#Empathy is central to the foundation of #PBJAM! It is one of the causes for the birth of #PBJAM. Whether it was family, friends, or professional colleagues, #empathy has been central to both me and Seemantini. Even in the face of harsh criticism and adversarial relations, we have always used #empathy to understand others and their perspectives. Over time, #empathy has helped us to be better #individuals and better #professionals.

As #empathy is a cliched word, let's clarify what it means for #PBJAM.

  • We do not act on initial impressions or perceptions about others

  • We use #personas to continually build and refine our understanding of our #stakeholders

  • We make conscious efforts to avoid #judging others

  • We always try to walk a mile in others' shoes with the intention to understand them better

  • We practice #active #listening in every conversation, whether it is amongst ourselves, with stakeholders, or with our subscribers

Our structures, tools, programs are designed to ensure that participants are intentionally guided to think and practice #empathy. #Peer based interactions lose #effectiveness without #empathy. #Empathy is a core building block of an effective professional in the modern workplace and is even more critical with the advent of #remote and #hybrid office models.

What has been your experience with #empathy? Have you faced individuals without #empathy? What were the challenges in working with such individuals? Have you felt that in certain circumstances, you failed to show #empathy (we all are humans!)? What were the consequences for you and your relationship with the individual who was at the other end? We would love to hear from you!

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