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PB JAM Values - Humility

#TLDR: Our values not only define who we are but also permeate through our culture and strongly impact our business processes including hiring and client interactions. Here is our fourth value #humility

Growing up, my parents often emphasized the virtue of being a #lifelong #student. As Alvin Toffler wrote in his #thirdwave, the modern workplace requires us to continuously unlearn the old and relearn the new. Our #teachers are our #stakeholders. Keeping an open mind to observe what we can learn from others is a basic tenet of #humility at #PBJAM.

Our #humility stems from our quiet #confidence and #belief in our capabilities and goals. We do not need to (nor encourage to) disparage our competitors or other approaches in #professional #development. We have seen #PBJAM working effectively time and again, but we also accept that there are other paths to the same success, some harder than ours while some might be easier. That's why the symbol of Dwennimmen from Western Africa (Humility with Strength) aptly displays our value.

At #PBJAM, #humility manifests in our interactions with each other: always eager to learn something new, always eager to help each other, and always keeping the outlook (in success and failures) of "what can I learn from this?". #humility means leaving our #ranks, #ego and #positions outside the meeting room and working as a #team. #humility means enjoying healthy #selfdoubt every once in a while.

What has been your experience with #humility? Has it ever backfired or been misconstrued for weakness? How did you handle it? What would you do differently in the future? We would love to hear from you.

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