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PB JAM Values - Inclusiveness

#TLDR: Our values not only define who we are but also permeate through our culture and strongly impact our business processes including hiring and client interactions. Here is our seventh value #inclusiveness

We all have varying perceptions around what #inclusiveness means. At #PBJAM, we define #inclusiveness as not only #tolerance but also #acceptance.

It is polite to tolerate a differing view, culture, personality. However, if we really want to gain value out of #diversity of thoughts and approaches, it is critical that we move beyond #tolerance. We have found that #acceptance is the clear expectation at #PBJAM that communicates what we mean by #inclusiveness.

With #acceptance, the polite boundaries of #tolerance crumble and individuals really start to #engage with each other. We have seen the #synergies bloom with #acceptance, while they stagnate when individuals limit themselves to #tolerance. Stopping at #tolerance also creates an environment of #politicalcorrectness, where the issues that prevent people from working together well are skirted around.

#Inclusiveness is a foundational stone for #PBJAM. #acceptance allows us to be not just open to new ideas, new interests, new perspectives, and new experiences, but it also enriches our platform and participants! It is an active and intentional habit for us and our team members till it becomes an unconscious attribute of our personalities.

#Inclusiveness is built into our platform so that all #subscribers benefit from it. It is our intent to grow the #inclusiveness in every person that we touch. What has been your experience with #inclusiveness? How has it benefited you? What would you tell us to do differently to stress this core value at #PBJAM? We love to hear from you, so write back to us!

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