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PB JAM Values - Respect

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

#TLDR: Our values not only define who we are but also permeate through our culture and strongly impact our business processes including hiring and client interactions. Here is our sixth value #respect

As per Meriam-Webster dictionary, #respect means a feeling of admiring someone or something that is #good, #valuable, and #important. While growing up, #respect was part and parcel of our experiences and upbringing and hence, it was natural for us to bring it to #PBJAM as a core value!

We defined #respect in two parts. The first part describes #respect for whom and what, while the second part talks about the behavior we want to model while demonstrating #respect. In our first part, we state that we have the utmost respect for our #team, not just as individuals, but also for the varied experiences they bring to #PBJAM. We have #respect for our #stakeholders (which also includes our #customers),as every interaction with them is an opportunity to learn something about how we can improve our product and services. We hold our competitors in high #respect as without them, we won't have a good enough drive to excel. In our sales pitches, we never talk negatively about any of our competitors or their approaches. We believe that the #diversity in this #professional #development space creates rich experiences for the customers and we celebrate that! Our #respect for our team, our stakeholders and our customers allows us to #listen better.

This leads us into the second part of #respect statement. We actively avoid letting the first impressions/perceptions shape our opinions about others. Though it is easy to let those first impressions linger on, by stressing the #respect value, we help ourselves to be open to others beyond the first impressions.

At #PBJAM, #respect means active listening and being open to learn something new in every interaction. What has been your experience with #respect? What makes you notice that someone is respecting you? What makes you realize otherwise? We would love to hear from you...

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