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#PBJAM Data Visibility

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR: We don't share your data outside of our platform as of now. In future, we plan to share anonymized data with academics for research and you can opt out from such sharing.

As you are trusting us with your data, we want to be crystal clear as to how your data is treated and who can see what.

We have three buckets of data visibility, namely,

  1. Publicly visible data: All members of #PBJAM can see these data points about you. This is your public profile information, like your full name, photo, professional tag line, industry, experience, function and job category. Here your community badges and overall reputation score is also visible (your social media prowess!)

  2. Data visible to your group: As you join a group, some of your data is visible to your group members apart from the publicly visible data. Group members will also have visibility to your specific behaviors that you are improving, as well as any information you share during group sessions. We call this information #Group #Info and #Session #Info.

  3. Data visible only to you: These data are essentially your evaluation of your capabilities across #PBJAM #Facets. Also, here you can see the applause and opportunity tags given to you by your peers as part of group evaluations. You will also see peers who have been most effective for you, and those for whom you have been most effective as well. Apart from this, you will have access to your own action log across all groups that you have participated in plus any personal actions you may have created.

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