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PBJAM Vs Classical Mentoring

#TLDR: #PBAJM allows you to find your personalized way to success rather than copying the Mentor's success formula.

The Hammering Man of Frankfurt by Jonathan Borofsky

I do get this question quite often while talking about #PBJAM. Many people think of #PBJAM as another online mentoring platform, but as you have experienced it, #PBJAM is quite different.

I am writing this short piece to outline a key difference. Classical mentoring is quite wide spread and useful. #PBJAM is a lesser known approach that relies on recent #management #science insights in how individuals #learn and #develop. The #mentor will typically have a #proven path to success that has worked well for the mentor. When you approach the #mentor, you are more likely to receive advice on how that proven path can be applied to your circumstances and challenges. This is similar to a good hammerman handing you the hammer (that has helped him to hammer in large nails) to fix a leaky pipe, not very effective, is it?

#PBJAM on the other hand does not hand you a pre-conceived #gameplan to solve your challenges. Instead, #PBJAM offers you a forum and counterparts with complementary skills/needs. #PBJAM provides you a structure and platform that you #leverage to discuss, think and act upon your challenges and share back the experiences. Your #peers offer you feedback and questions that help you to improve your effectiveness. Thus, #PBJAM provides you not with a #hammer, but a complete customizable #toolset. You pick and try different tools, #customize the ones that you like, use the tools and share your results with #peers. Based on their #feedback and #suggestions, you make #changes and #adjustments to yield your #personal path to #success.

How has been your experience? What differences did you find between #PBJAM and classical #mentoring? We would love to hear your perspectives, questions and experiences. #Share them here in comments section or write to us at

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