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Peer Based Behavior Modification - Critical Success Factors and Hurdles

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR: What makes or breaks effectiveness of peer based behavior modification

Let's take a moment to reflect on what makes Peer Based Behavior Modification effective and what hurdles it faces.

Critical Success Factors (#CSF)

  • Mutual respect, trust and being seriously invested in the process

  • Ability to express our fears and aspirations openly and hold discussions outside shadows of organizational politics

  • Counterparts that are related to our field of work who can quickly understand our focus, concerns and provide clear unbiased feedback in a language relevant for us

Hurdles to these #CSF

  1. Inability to verify the level of interest and/or past performance of your peers in such settings

  2. Most of the times, existing feedback processes heavily involve our immediate peers, direct reports and managers

  3. Anybody from outside of your organization, like career coaches/industry mentors, may not have subject matter expertise and/or bandwidth and/or mutual interest to improve

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