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Red inbox and full voice-mail box? Fear not!

#TLDR: Simple #triaging technique to help you manage backlog of work

Do you get Monday morning blues where you are staring at a red inbox full of unread messages and voice mail box flashing full sign? You are not alone!

Here is a proven #PBJAM technique that can drive those blues away. We call it #triage and it does exactly that! You can start browsing that long red email list (but don't spend too much time on individual email). Take a look at the subject line, those who are on To, CC list and decide on one of the following three options:

Option 1: Respond with a short email immediately (this works for 80% of emails where people are looking for your short input or feedback)

Option 2: Assign a to-do for yourself on calendar with a timeslot and due date (this works for 15-19% emails where you need to do some homework before replying)

Option 3: Schedule a meeting with relevant stakeholders (this works for the remaining 1-5% of emails where you need to bring the decision makers and information holders together to reach a decision)

Lather-rinse-repeat! You can go through 100+ emails this way within an hour or less. Do the same thing for those voicemails, only this time respond with a brief call back. The purpose can be to acknowledge that you heard the voice mail and communicate when you will get back (if not immediately) and how (whether you will call a meeting or just respond after doing some research of your own).

What has been your experience with our #triage technique? What works for you? What doesn't work? We love to hear from you!

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