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Relevance of "Here & Now"

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR: Focusing on #HereAndNow helps your productivity and effectiveness

At #PBJAM, we focus on "Here and Now". There are many advantages of such approach for the topics that we deal with. We have seen that behavioral challenges are time sensitive and contextual.

For example, a tax preparation accountant may have lot of anxiety around managing workload in given time around MAR-APR, than at other times. Another example would be for an employee who is in a new role where he/she might feel more need of communication and collaboration than someone who has been in the same role for many years. In both these examples, timing and context point to the right behaviors to focus on.

Hence, what we do in this Here and Now is of relevance. Our current behaviors, our current circumstances are relevant. Actions that we choose to take (or avoid) are relevant. And this is also the focus for #PBJAM.

We believe that by focusing on the Here and Now, we are guided to be more practical and realistic. By discussing our Here and Now, we develop tangible actions and next steps that make visible change possible. Also, by limiting our actions to small time increments at a time (one to two weeks at a time), we avoid getting impacted by the distant future (which is hard to predict).

Our focus on behaviors and priorities and challenges as of now help #PBJAM members to take a seemingly insurmountable challenge, chop it into what is relevant as of now and act upon it. With time, as you participate in multiple groups, your choice of different behaviors will be driven and influenced by that particular time and your environment of that time.

What has been your experience? What are your thoughts about Now? Let us know here in the comments section or on #PBJAM Forums.

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