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Rubin's Vase in the Professional World

#TLDR: Like in the #RubinsVase experiment, most people have at least two sides to their #professional personalities and we have to work with them as colleagues, managers, and direct reports. #PBJAM makes this easier for you.

(image credit = By Ataturk.svg: NevitNevit Dilmen - Ataturk.svg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

For example, you may be very anxious at work on Friday as the project deadline approaches next week, but might be in a relaxed mood while going to the weekend baseball game for your kids. Does this make you an anxious person or a relaxed individual? The science says, both (and some more!).

This makes handling personalities at work confusing and challenging. Not only that, it is hard to have a team where all members have similar personalities. Thus, figuring out how to deal with each individual is like trying to predict the changing colors of 10 chamellions in a room full of changing colors. Also, keep in mind that your own personality and responses keep shifting depending on the situation.

The #modernworkplace is full of subtly changing personalities that are interacting with each other, getting influenced by each other and collectively delivering towards the company mission and though having the awareness of different personality types is good, it is not sufficient. You need continually practiced #agility in professional soft skills.

Achieving good #collaboration at work, maintaining effective #communication and being effective at #leadership decides how #valuable you are in the long run for your employer as well as your own #satisfaction and #engagement with the work you are doing.

At #PBJAM, we help you identify your current challenges, provide you tools to come up with practical ways to address those challenges and help you hold yourself accountable to make tangible progress that is visible and verifiable. We help you engage, grow and thrive in the world full of #RubinsVase!

Have you tried our 12-week Better You program? Do talk to your manager and HR about enrolling in one. Experience a new you!

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