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Self Reflection

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

#TLDR: #PBJAM as a powerful structure for #SelfReflection

The great poet philosopher Rumi lived 800 years ago! Out of his many pearls of wisdom, I remembered the one about self reflection (shown in the picture below). How true it is even today!

#PBJAM is working to create spaces and structures to help people in this self change. By focusing on "What can I do better/different" than wondering "How others can change", we create meaningful dialogues and self reflections within our peer groups.

In our busy professional lives, such self reflection is not easy. Our attention and time is consumed by demands and noise around us. There are three critical enablers for self reflection, namely,

  • The pause needed to look in the mirror,

  • The courage needed to recognize and accept what you see in that mirror and

  • The mirror that doesn't distort the reflection are three critical requirements in this journey of self reflection.

#PBJAM sessions provide the time and space for the pause, our structures help you to be courageous while taking a look at yourself, and the peers offer you the mirror with minimal distortions.

The journey of self reflection does not end with one group or twelve sessions or three behaviors. It is a lifelong pursuit and we at #PBJAM stand in your awe as you leverage our platform in this journey.

What has been your experience? How #PBJAM has helped you in self-reflection? What keeps you coming back to #PBJAM? Share here...

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