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Take ownership of your growth

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

#TLDR: Nobody is more interested in your growth than yourself!

Taking #ownership and succeeding in developing your personal potential is a key differentiator for 21st-century professionals in #modernworkplace!

For tangible hard skills (e.g. financial analysis, data mining, blockchain), there are multiple avenues that offer structured education with a clear end result (a diploma, degree, or certificate).

For intangible soft skills (intentional behaviors aimed at achieving business and personal goals by leveraging individual strengths of one’s people environment, by balancing your personal control with expertise and opinions of others), the avenues are less defined. Though you can accumulate certificates and continuing education credits, it is hard to find means that are

This is the arena, where you as an individual, have to take ownership! We, at #PBJAM, are here to help you in your unique journey, at your own pace and with clear visibility of your progress.

Talk to your #manager, and #HR partner about #PBJAM and #engage in a life-changing journey.

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