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Tricking your brain

#TLDR: The human brain is wired for short-term gains and focuses on tangible finite goals. How do you make it focus on long-term goals of professional development in soft skills? #PBJAM can help!

Evolution rewards short-term focus for survival [1], while the modern workplace requires us to focus on long-term goals, scenarios, and risks. Many times, we struggle to suppress our natural inclination for the short term in favor of the long term. Think of the new year's resolutions or gym memberships.

The immediate release of Dopamine while declaring our new resolution (quit smoking this year or BMI under 20 this year or new job by year-end or learn to play guitar by year-end) satisfies our brain's short-term nature while sticking to the plan for anything beyond immediate future does not provide benefits to the brain.

The path of struggling against our nature is long, hard, and boring (yes, precisely because the brain doesn't see any immediate reward in that extra set of crunches, or that extra hour of homework).

Why struggle when you can leverage your brain's short-term focus? That's exactly what we do at #PBJAM! Our cool science and structures allow participants to stay focused on short-term, tangible, and finite tasks called #SMARTsteps. Our peer-based and feedback-driven platform not only encourages mutual accountability but boosts it!

Try us out with a free workshop for you and your team so you can see our science in action! And then, enroll in our 12-week Better You program with a few colleagues to experience the real change!

[1] Fischer, A.G., Bourgeois-Gironde, S. & Ullsperger, M. Short-term reward experience biases inference despite dissociable neural correlates. Nat Commun8, 1690 (2017).

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